PESHAWAR: KP government has proposed Rs. 208 billion Annual Development Plan in the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2017-18.
Delivering the budget speech in provincial assembly on Wednesday, Provincial Finance Minister, Muzafar Said apprised the legislators that Rs. 208 billion ADP is 34 percent of total budget outlay of Rs. 603 billion.
The ADP for upcoming fiscal year is also 29 percent more than the amount reserved for the current year development plan, he added.
No new tax has been announced in the new budget while some changes have been made in the existing taxes, he continued.
While unveiling the ADP, Finance Minister said 82 percent of the development plan comprises of foreign aid.
The ADP consists of 1632 developmental schemes out of which 1182 are ongoing and 450 are new schemes.
The Minister mentioned that most of the development fund is reserved for ongoing schemes so that these can be completed in stipulated period of time.
KP Finance Minister also thanked foreign donors including Britain, Japan, EU, America, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and international organizations including United Nations, World Bank, USID and Asian Development Bank for making significant contribution in development of the province.
In the ADP, an amount of Rs. 20.32 billion are reserved for Education sector both primary, secondary and Higher education.
Giving break-up of the total figure, he said Rs. 14 billion is earmarked for primary and secondary education while Rs. 6.32 for Higher Education.
An amount of Rs. 13. 73 billion has been reserved for 349 schemes of communication sector out of which 305 are ongoing and 44 are new.
For 305 ongoing schemes an amount of Rs. 12.94 billion is reserved and Rs. 790 million for 44 new schemes of communication sector.
For Housing sector Rs. 540 million has been reserved for 16 schemes out of which seven are ongoing and nine new schemes.
The KP government has reserved an amount of Rs. 6.16 billion for Rural development in the Annual Development Plan.
For Rural Development 30 schemes have been planned out of which 24 are
ongoing and six are new schemes. For ongoing schemes Rs. 5.62 billion reserved while Rs. 540 million will be spent six new schemes.
For provision of clean drinking water an amount of Rs. 5.16 billion has been reserved for completion of 84 schemes out of which 68 are ongoing and 16 new ones.
In the Annual Development Plan, an amount of four billion has been reserved for 45 schemes of Energy and Power sector.
For Irrigation sector an amount of Rs. 7.5 billion has been reserved for 209 schemes out of which 192 are ongoing and 17 new.
Around 38 schemes have been planned for agriculture sector under the ADP for which an amount of Rs. 3.99 billion has been reserved. About 2.82 billion will be spent on completion of ongoing schemes while 1.17 billion for launching of 21 new schemes under the sector.
For Industrial sector an amount of Rs. 1.64 billion has been earmarked for spending on 25 schemes, 17 ongoing and eight new.
An amount of Rs. 176 million has been reserved for nine schemes of Transport sector out of which five are ongoing and four new.
For enhancing the Forest cover an amount of Rs. 2.7 billion has been reserved in the Annual Development Plan.
For Local Government 35 schemes have been planned for which Rs. 4.58 billion has been reserved, Minister added.
The KP government has reserved an amount of Rs. 2.42 billion in the upcoming fiscal for Home department under which 59 schemes have been planned. Among these 59 schemes, 40 are ongoing and 19 are new ones.

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